To the hidden beauty of big island

“Please keep these flowers a bit longer after we are gone.”

“Please keep these flowers there a bit longer after we are gone. They are too beautiful to throw away.” I left this text message with the middle picture to the neighbor/housekeeper on our way leaving the island. The left and right pictures were my very first two batches collected from the various corners of the vila where we stayed.

How to get lost in the paradise

I want to do it again!

A yearning met with the endless comfort coming your way but you could never get a grip on

chasing the cloud on highway 200

I got a piece of you, my love

I instantly fell in love at the first sight with this gigantic umbrella like (monkeypod) tree and wondered how come I don’t recall I spot them in Honolulu nor Maui from my last trip more than a decade ago. Merely four hours before we were leaving on a jet plane, I found out that I could eventually get a piece of them.

Aloha ‘Oe until we meet again

Last day from Hilo’s dawn to Kona’s sunset



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P Chang

P Chang

It all started with the 2020 SIP.