To the future memories

P Chang
2 min readApr 9


In an abandoned building

With faded faces and half forgotten names,

We were once here before,

But now, we’re just a memory, a passing thought.

Can the building still remember,

That we were here, once upon a time?

Or has it all faded away, like a dream in the night?

As I stand here, listening to the sigh of the tide,

From nearby beaches fifty feet down,

I can’t help but wonder,

What stories this building could tell, if it had a voice.

Looking out at the silhouette of the city,

Across the ocean, so far away,

I feel a sense of nostalgia,

For a time that I can never go back to.

But even though we’re just memories now,

This building, this place, will always hold a special meaning,

For those who were once here before,

And for those who will come after us, seeking their own memories.



P Chang

It all started with the 2020 SIP.