A surprise, the suspenseful finale type

I was standing in the line for a cup of mocha. The cute shop was the famed Blue Bottle brand, located in the middle of a very hip shopping area.

A man and a woman came and lined up behind me. They were busy fast talking and laughing like a couple of old friends, and I just eavesdropped on the finished sentence of the man.

“… you are full of surprises!”

“Am I so?!” The woman stood closer to me, and I heard her chuckle with a pleased tone of genuine surprise.

There was a short silence. Something moved in the air.

I started shifting my weight between my two feet as if I had been standing there still for too long.

Then the woman spoke again in a noticeably lower voice and slower pace.

“I do have a surprise for you, though. But there is a caveat. If you want me to tell you, that would be my last time to speak to you.”

The surroundings became soundless and motionless for a moment, at least for me. The only moving thing left was the echo of what the woman just said.

I wanted to turn around so I could watch their expressions. That’s when the cashier gestured at me to start ordering.

When I finally finished and turned around, these two friends were already laughing and moving on to other trivial pleasantry topics.

What a great moment I missed! I kicked myself mentally.

I made a big slurping sound on my iced mocha, walked away from them, and decided this was something that totally qualified for the overarching storyline of a suspense novel.



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P Chang

P Chang

It all started with the 2020 SIP.