A song that captures a memorable time in my life

P Chang
3 min readJun 17, 2024


A few months ago I started to use the iPhone Journal app to better document down all the photos I took and saved.

One thing I like Journal is that it helps you to be more reflective and expressive with words, visuals and sounds. I need it more these days than before. I have been too busy either physically active engaging on doing something, or consuming passively on all the fragmental and subjective junk information. I need to sit down, slow down, clear my head and be reflective on what had happened to myself.

Today it asked me to think about a song that captures a memorable time in my life.

According to Spotify, I am above 77% people in music consumption so I should have a handful of memorable moments associated with various songs.

There is always this one stands out among the rest. It was a cantonese song from a Hong Kong movie in the late of 80s. It was in an era when the music travelled much slower, in China, through cassettes, mostly the pirate versions.

It was a hot summer time, on the streets of Guangzhou when this song became incredibly popular, captivating the entire college campus of China. Almost every corner we turned, someone was playing it on a cassette in a store.

The song, sung in Cantonese by a singer from Hong Kong, celebrates the endurance of friendship, particularly the strong bonds of male camaraderie.

The passionate intensity of that song mirrored the deep and beautiful friendship my new boyfriend had introduced me to. He eagerly brought me to Guangzhou to meet a few of his childhood friends who were studying there.

To a wide-eyed young college girl as myself, Guangzhou exuded an exotic and foreign charm much like my new boyfriend did. He was so different, so alien, from anyone I had ever met in my short life. This difference attracted me intensely at first, and now he was showing me that there was even a group of them!

I was completely enamored before we even reached his hometown to meet his family and even more of his kind of childhood friends. The trip was a two-night boat journey away on the Pearl River. And through that two days and nights on the boat sailing to his hometown, that song was also played on and off by some travelers around us.

That song is forever etched in my memory, accompanied by deep, feverish emotions of love, passion, and a hint of apprehension about the unknown life that lay ahead of me because of this handsome and alien-like boy I had fallen head over heels for.

We changed so much along the life journey we embarked together. But the friendship he and his childhood friends survived and last strong till this day. I was and still am right about that instinct and marveled by it.

Maybe this song played the magic to us.




P Chang

It all started with the 2020 SIP, when suddenly you became very reflective.